Aramid is a material which is woven from light carbon fibers, has better resistance to tearing and heat resistance than the same amount of steel. It is often used in heavy industry, military equipment and extreme sports those require high protection performance.

The worst surprise waiting for us is drift and friction. High temperatures, which may exceed 400 ° C, can cause severe and fatal damages on our body. In case of a fall down at a normal speed of 70 km / h, the heat that is generated will melt a standard fabric in less than 2 seconds. Our drift time at this speed will be around 4-10 seconds wherein remaining drift time after the first 2 seconds is sure to miss our pleasure.

We support the friction zones of our protected products with Hakamid Aramid fabric. We make our products extremely resistant to heat and tearing with this way. Continuously we do try our best to keep the bad surprises as a sweet moment.


When we take an impact, it is vital to have the right protection in the right place. We prefer to use the best material in the World called German made Sas Tec protectors by eliminating the whole risks in this critical point. The most important feature of these products certified with EN 1621-1: 2012 certificate is that they have high impact suction value despite their low weight. The material that can be shaped together with the body temperature, offers excellent comfort with freedom of movement. a protection which is always forgotten but makes its duty as committed to excellence.


Nanotechnology can regulate the atoms and molecules as small as one in a billion by using the possibilities of quantum physics.

We achieve to give fastest ability of reacting immediately in case of an external effect whick may come to any surface .with this technique. So water and dirt easily flow from the garment surface wherein cleaning and maintenance costs dramatically reduce.Said features do not lose their performance for a long time and the product remains clean and viable.upon washing instructions are followed.

In case of a sudden suppressing rain, the product may not completely waterproof but provides enough strength with a very high repellency. It makes us to enjoy the rain.