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Motorcycle jeans, designed by Riderdenim®, are the choice for riders who don’t compromise on their style during the ride or afterward. Here, offbeat style the Rascal jeans are one of them. The aged effect, commonly used in jeans, is applied onto this light-blue model. Name of Rascal addresses young but it’s style attracts all ‘feeling young’ riders. You can wear this staring riding jean in your daily life with great pleasure and comfort after getting off the saddle.

For all our trousers models; knee pads are easily removable from outside, by a concealed zipper, with a design originated by Riderdenim® first in the world. Potential friction zones(seat and knee) are reinforced by German branded Hakanit® Aramid fabric. Sas-Tec® knee and hip protectors are included in the price and considered as standard in regard of safety policy of Riderdenim®. Made in TURKEY

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RASCAL – Motorcycle Jeans

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Additional information

Hakanit® Aramid Fabric

Knee and hip parts are covered with Hakanit® Aramid fabric, from Germany; one of the highest resistant material against burning and tearing (+400°C) in the world.

Sas-Tec® Guards

German branded and EN 1621-1: 2012 certified, Sas-Tec knee (level 2) and hip protectors are chosen for maximum safety. All protectors are included in the price.

Removable Knee Guards

Thanks to brilliant idea from Riderdenim®, pockets for knee guards can be reached from outside with a hidden zipper. This allows protectors to be removed whenever desired after the ride (or before washing).

Riderdenim® Design

There are aging/used effects on the front and back pockets, thighs and cuffs.




Slim Fit (not extreme but skinnier leg cut than other models)


24 – 30, 24 – 32, 26 – 30, 26 – 32, 28 – 30, 28 – 32, 30 – 32, 30 – 30, 30 – 34, 32 – 30, 32 – 32, 32 – 34, 33 – 32, 33 – 34, 34 – 32, 34 – 34, 36 – 32, 36 – 34, 38 – 32, 38 – 34, 40 – 32, 40 – 34


98% Cotton, 2% Elastane, 11 Ounce denim

Inner Lining

Mesh lining is increasing comfort and ease by covering Hakanit® Aramid fabric from inside (Aramid type of fabrics may discomfort in general when contact with human skin).

Accessories & Equipment

YKK brand zippers, buttons, rivets and real leather back label are used for quality and longevity.

Preferred Season

Depends on your preferences and region; performs better in summer and spring/fall.


Made in Turkey


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