Thinner fabric | Mesh lining | All seasons (Grey)
Thicker fabric | Cotton lining | All seasons (Black)

Samiel motorcycle jeans bring combination of practicality and comfort. Cargo pockets can be essential, not only for style but also storage purpose, for some of us in daily life. Thus, Samiel riding jeans are equipped with two side pockets. Left pocket creates much easier access with vertical zipper while sitting on the saddle than a traditional closed pocket. Also legs have relaxed cut for this particular model, similar to regular cargo pants, to provide comfort for longer time. Samiel model is carefully designed with “all day long” riders in mind. This is a perfect choice either for touring or commuting purposes. Grey and black options offer not only different colors but also slightly diversity in weather conditions as well.

For all our trousers models; knee pads are easily removable from outside, by a concealed zipper, with a design originated by Riderdenim® first in the world. Potential friction zones(back, loins and knee) are reinforced by German branded Hakanit® Aramid fabric. Sas-Tec® knee and hip protectors are included in the price and considered as standard in regard of safety policy of Riderdenim®.
Made in TURKEY

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SAMIEL – Motorcycle Jeans

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Additional information

Hakanit® Aramid Fabric

Knee and hip parts are covered with Hakanit® Aramid fabric, from Germany; one of the highest resistant material against burning and tearing (+400°C) in the world.

Sas-Tec® Guards

German branded and EN 1621-1: 2012 certified, Sas-Tec knee (level 2) and hip protectors are chosen for maximum safety. All protectors are included in the price.

Removable Knee Guards

Thanks to brilliant idea from Riderdenim®, pockets for knee guards can be reached from outside with a hidden zipper. This allows protectors to be removed whenever desired after the ride (or before washing).

Riderdenim® Design

There are cargo pockets for practicality; with snap button flap closure on the right and zipper closure on the left leg. Zipper is positioned vertically to create easier access while on the saddle.


Black, Grey


Relaxed Fit


24 – 30, 24 – 32, 26 – 30, 26 – 32, 28 – 30, 28 – 32, 30 – 32, 30 – 30, 30 – 34, 32 – 30, 32 – 32, 32 – 34, 33 – 32, 33 – 34, 34 – 32, 34 – 34, 36 – 32, 36 – 34, 38 – 32, 38 – 34, 40 – 32, 40 – 34


98% Cotton + 2% Elastane, 11 ounce denim (Grey)
98% Cotton + 2% Elastane, 12.5 ounce denim (Black)
Nanotech water & dirt repellent coating for both.

Inner Lining

Mesh for grey and cotton lining for black option is increasing comfort and ease by covering Hakanit® Aramid fabric from inside (Aramid type of fabrics may discomfort in general when contact with human skin).

Accessories & Equipment

YKK brand zippers, buttons, rivets and real leather back label are used for quality and longevity.

Preferred Season

Depends on your preferences and region; can be used in all seasons.


Made in Turkey


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