It is possible to design and produce stylish products suitable for daily use as well as safe and comfortable. Here, the Motorcycle Jacket Alfa Neon is one of the best representatives of this style with its hooded look. With its extraordinary appearance, softshell fabric and detachable hood, it stands out as the most suitable motorcycle jacket for daily use.
Motorcycle jacket prices can be really high according to the equipment they contain. Motorcycle Jacket Alfa Neon is a motorcycle jacket that offers good quality at a reasonable price with its shoulder, elbow and back Sas-Tec® protections, Aramid-Hakanit® fabric in the friction areas and technical outer fabric included in the price.
You are safe with EN 1621-1:2012 approved Sas-Tec® protections and Aramid-Hakanit® fabric that protects you from the heat of around 400°C that occurs during friction.
With this motorcycle jacket, all you have to do is enjoy the comfortable ride and continue your social life as if you were wearing your daily clothes after getting off.
Check the size selection chart. Details are in the additional information section below.



Additional information

Hakanit® Aramid Fabric

Softshell jacket with a detachable hood, backed with Hakanit® Aramid cloth for friction areas, Sas-Tec® protections on elbows, shoulders and back.

Sas-Tec® Guards

Elbow, shoulder and back area has Sas-Tec protections, German made EN 1621-1: 2012 certified protections. (Included in the price)


The hood is removable. It has high heating performance. It is suitable for daily use.

Üst Beden

2XL, 3XL, L, M, S, XL, XS


Size: Black-Grey
Zipper: Front and top pocket are black, side pockets are black
Hoodie: Green Neon




Highly resistant to water and wind. softshell


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