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If you are looking for functionality in addition to safety and comfort while looking for a motorcycle trousers, the Motorcycle Trousers Alize trousers are the product you are looking for. These motorcycle trousers, which are made of highly durable ripstop fabric to be used in parachutes, can turn into shorts thanks to the zippers on the knee. After getting off the motorcycle in summer, you can continue your daily life with shorts.
Motorcycle Trousers Riding in hot weather with Alize trousers is also very comfortable. When you open the zippers designed on the side pockets in the product, you can achieve very successful ventilation.

Motorcycle Trousers Alize trousers also protect you against bad surprises. Aramid Hakanit® fabric used in friction areas protects your body from high heat generated during friction. In addition, Sas-Tec® knee and side hip protectors, made in Germany EN 1621-1: 2012 approved, that come with this motorcycle trousers, serve as a life saver in case of impact.
It is our candidate to be indispensable with its stylish pattern, adventurous style and removable knee protectors after landing.
You can choose the size that suits you from the size selection table.
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Additional information

Hakanit® Aramid Fabric

Knee and hip parts are covered with Hakanit® Aramid cloth, one of the most resistant to burning and tearing materials in the world.

Sas-Tec® Guards

There are German-made EN 1621-1: 2012 certified protections in the knee and side hip areas. (Included in the price)

Removable Knee Guards

Thanks to this feature, which is the first Riderdenim® design in Turkey, the knee protectors can be removed from the side with a hidden zipper.




98% Cotton 2%Lycra 13 Ounce denim


Fit cut

Inner Lining

In order to increase comfort, the Hakanit® Aramid material inside is covered with a mesh lining.


YKK brand zippers, buttons and rivets and leather back label are used.


Made in Turkey

Use The Season

It varies according to the way you use it and the region you live in. It can be used in all seasons and performs better in spring and winter.


Your order is sent in a special kraft box of the product and wrapped in pelur paper.

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  1. Yasin Karaburun

    İç tarafı komple fileli ve fermuarlar İle şort olabilen tam yazlık ve hafif bir motosiklet pantolonu ayrıca kalça ve diz korumaları da Alman sas-tec. Çok hafif harika bir ürün.

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