ALPHA – Motorcycle Trousers

159 €

Softshell & Thicker fabric | Cotton lining | Mid & Winter season

Who wants to ride forever? Alpha motorcycle trousers dominate difficult weather conditions, no matter its dry or wet. Softshell main fabric is windproof and highly water resistant from outside and self polar fleeced from inside. Ready for action with all zippered pockets. As a result, with much more physical movement and comfort, this riding trousers look, feel and act different than regular riding jeans. Have it, ride it and don’t look back.
Made in TURKEY

Hakanit® Aramid Fabric

Knee and hip parts are covered with Hakanit® Aramid fabric, from Germany; one of the highest resistant material against burning and tearing (+400°C) in the world

Sas-Tec® Protectors

German branded and EN 1621-1: 2012 certified, Sas-Tec knee (level 2) and hip protectors are chosen for maximum safety. All protectors are included in the price

Removable Knee Guards

Thanks to brilliant idea from Riderdenim®, pockets for knee guards can be reached from outside with a hidden zipper. This allows protectors to be removed whenever desired after the ride (or before washing)

Riderdenim® Design

Casual look softshell trouser with zipper pockets, elastic cord on cuff, plastic belt and high heating performance for daily use


Straight Fit


Windproof and water resistant, internally self polar fleeced SOFTSHELL fabric. Nanotech water & dirt repellent coating

Inner Lining

Cotton(100%) lining is increasing comfort and warmth by covering Hakanit® Aramid fabric from inside

Accessories & Equipment

YKK brand zippers, buttons and rivets are used for quality and longevity

Preferred Season

Depends on your preferences and region; can be used in fall/spring and performs better in winter

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